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Croton (Codiaeum Mammi)

Croton (Codiaeum Mammi)

Croton (Codiaeum Mammi)



The houseplant Croton, also known as Codiaeum, is a houseplant with variegated leaves. The color of the leaf of this houseplant varies from yellow, red, brown, green and sometimes even orange or purple. 

The houseplant likes a slightly moist soil, but not from wet feet. It is important that the soil of your Croton (Codiaeum) stays moist. This is easy to check by putting your finger in the ground and feeling how damp the soil is. 

The watering of this houseplant depends on the location (light and heat), size of your houseplant and the season. Therefore it is advisable to water your houseplant small bits and check the soil once every 2 days by putting your finger in it. This makes it possible to determine how much water your Croton needs. So, after 2 days the soil is already dry, give your houseplant a little more water. If the soil is still wet after a week, water this houseplant less.

Make sure there is never a layer of water in the bottom of the pot, this can cause root rot!

Plant comes in its plastic terracotta pot, 12cm.