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Crassula Ovata Sunset

Crassula Ovata Sunset

Crassula Ovata Sunset


Crassula Ovata Sunset

This is the sunset variation of the typical Crassula Ovata, so will have red and yellow on the leaves. It also called as Jade Plant is known to be particularly effective in absorbing toluene emitted from gasoline, paints, kerosene and lacquers.

These plants can grow very well in medium light and room temperature and needs watering once a week. So it is definitely not a problem to have it in offices and homes.

Jade Plants are considered to be symbols of luck and prosperity and also known as the friendship plant. It is particularly lucky to keep a jade plant at the entrance of the house, although it can be kept anywhere.

How to care for your Crassula

Crassula like humidity and bright, sunlight. Water from the bottom, using a saucer, once a week, If the crassula is planted in a pot with no drainage holes, simply mist more thoroughly once a week.

Approximate current plant height, including pot: approximately 15cm

Approximate pot size: diameter 9cm

Please expect some variation in plant colour and shape from listing image.