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Ludisia discolor - Jewel Orchid

Ludisia discolor - Jewel Orchid

Ludisia discolor - Jewel Orchid


Ludisia discolor - Jewel Orchid

The Jewel Orchid or Ludisia discolor is unlike all other Orchids we grow in our homes, because as a houseplant the Jewel Orchid is prized for its foliage rather than its flowers. This is a rare house plant. 

How to care for your Jewel Orchid

Out in it's natural habitat the Jewel Orchid is found growing down low, often in pretty shady places. For the best results try to replicate this in your home or office by avoiding placing it in direct sunlight.

North facing rooms are perfect, but any other facing aspect is fine providing you can shield the leaves from any harsh sunlight that filters through during the day. Do not mistake this as a plant which likes darkness though, gloom needs to be avoided as much as direct sunlight. 

Slightly damp conditions are what the Jewel Orchid wants for the majority of the time. It does not like to have bone dry or soaking wet soil, leave its roots sitting in water and it will rapidly die. If you are using a more porous potting mix you will need to water more often than if using standard potting soil.

Approximate current plant height, including pot: approximately 20cm

Approximate pot size: diameter 10cm

Please expect some variation in plant colour and shape from listing image.