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Kokedama Kit Gift Box

Kokedama Kit Gift Box

Kokedama Kit Gift Box


Unsure what to gift the plant lover in your life? We're here to help....

Treat your loved one to a Kokedama kit gift box, which will come with the following materials, to make a Japanese hanging moss ball.

But - you may ask - what is Kokedama?

Basically, Kokedama (translation “moss ball”), is the practice of removing a root system from its container, surrounding it in a mud cake, then wrapping the whole mess in moss before winding it in string. The original Japanese form of Kokedama was then displayed on an altar-like platform.

Inside the kit will be:

1 x bag of akadama bonsai clay

1 x bag of john innes no 2 soil 

1 x bag of irish peat moss

1 x instructions of how to make up the kokedama

1 x fern in a 10cm pot

1 x sheet of natural spagnum moss, to wrap around the fern roots

The kit will come wrapped inside a kraft box, which can be recycled. 

We are offering to ship the gift to you the week commencing 17th December so it will arrive just before Christmas.